Bulk Email Finder - Tools To Automate Prospecting & Outreach!

With our bulk email finder, you can spend less time compiling email addresses and more time talking to prospects on the phone, closing deals, and making more money.

Find email addresses in bulk and access lead information to help you get results like this!

Find Business Emails In Bulk Faster than Ever

Whether you know the name and title of the person you’re trying to find, or you don’t even know what companies you want to reach out to yet - Klean Leads can help you find business emails in bulk no matter what.

Prospecting is time consuming, and time is your greatest asset. You can’t afford to do things the old fashioned way. With Klean Leads, you have access to millions of leads at your fingertips.

Multiple Ways to Find Emails in Bulk

With our bulk email address finder, you have access to 500+ million B2C leads around the globe, and 15+ million B2B leads - all ready for you to download.

You also have the option to simply input a list of domains you'd like emails for, and let Klean Leads return emails in bulk for those specific companies.

Bulk Find Up to 10,000 Emails at Once

Klean Leads has the ability to bulk-find up to 10,000 emails at once, guaranteeing that your prospecting list will never run dry.

We pride ourselves in being the most intensive, automated prospecting and outreach tool to ever reach the market. If you’re trying to sell a product or service through cold email, there is no better way than through Klean Leads.

Get the Plan that Fits You

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Unlimited Monthly

Unlimited Credits, Unlimited Additional Users, Personal Customer Support Rep


per month
  • Extract LinkedIn of direct-decision makers
  • Scrape 15+ million B2B companies
  • Scrape 500+ million Local Businesses
  • Scrape emails from websites or company names
  • Infinite FREE users (add people to your account, with their own dashboard, at no cost)
  • Personal customer support rep
  • Free List Building + Cold Email Course

Mini Monthly

10,000 leads per month


per month
  • Extract LinkedIn of direct-decision makers
  • Scrape 15+ million B2B companies
  • Scrape 500+ million Local Businesses
  • Scrape emails from websites or company names
  • Free List Building + Cold Email Course

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bulk Email Finder

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. This Q & A section will give you a better understanding of what our bulk email finder is all about, and just how powerful it can be for you and your business.

What Information Can I Unlock About A Business With Your Bulk Email Address Finder?

While our competitors will simply give you an email address associated with a domain, we give you everything you need to feel confident reaching out - and more!

Here are just a few of the data entries we’ll provide you:

• Contact Name (first and last)
• Email Address (business and personal)
• Position
• LocationLinkedIn ID & URL
• Company Information
• And more!

We don’t waste your time with generic email addresses, either. Our bulk email address finder is engineered to return decision maker email addresses only. Stop wasting your time reaching out to info@, contact@, and ending up in front of a gatekeeper who can’t understand the value of your offer.

How Does It Work?

Using Klean Leads bulk email finder is incredibly straightforward and user friendly. All you need is a domain name, and we can provide you with pertinent information for the decision maker that we mentioned above.

There are two ways to go about this: you can compile a list of domains yourself if you know exactly which businesses you want to email.

Or, you can completely automate this process as well through our bulk company search software. Whether you want to work with B2C or B2B companies, we have as many as 500+ million businesses in our database just waiting for you to email them.

You can pick any country in the world, and then choose an industry you’re looking to take over. The third step is choosing company size. After that, we’ll spit out a comprehensive list of companies for you to reach out to.

Take this list, and then upload it to our bulk email finder. We’ll handle the rest, and spit out a spreadsheet with all the relevant information regarding those companies. Bulk prospecting has quite literally never been easier.

Can I Try Your Bulk Email Finder for Free?

If you're not sure that Klean Leads is the right tool for you, give us a try risk free today with our 7-day free trial! Once you see how much easier and more effective your outreach and prospecting is with Klean Leads, we can guarantee you won’t want to leave.

We also include a few special bonuses when you sign up. You’ll gain access to our private Facebook group along with our crash course on cold email, to help you actually convert the leads you extract from our bulk email address finder tool into paying clients.

What All Is Included In A Klean Leads Subscription?

When you purchase a subscription for our email finder by name tool, you don’t just get the software that helps you find any email address by name. You get a multitude of other softwares to help you automate your prospecting and outreach. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

• Find email address by domain with our Email Domain Search
• Scrape emails by name using our Email Finder by Name tool
• Extract B2B or B2C domains and email addresses with our LinkedIn Email Finder
• CRM & Lead scoring software
• Integrate with your favorite softwares and applications

Klean Leads is a complete email scraper and outreach automation tool. Our software allows you to spend less time tracking down emails and following up with leads, and more time doing the things that actually move the needle for your business - taking meetings and sales calls.