Email Finder By Name - Search For Any Email Address

Using our email finder by name tool, you can easily search the contact information for any decision maker you need to get in touch with.

Find email addresses by name and access lead information to help you get results like this!

Automate Prospecting By Conducting An Email Search By Name

Using our email search by name software, you can automate the majority of your prospecting. Simply upload a CSV with the names and domain addresses of the people you need to get in touch with, and we’ll handle the rest.

Or, you can quickly conduct an email address search by name for a single contact. Whichever the case, we have an incredibly high success and accuracy rate.

Know Whether or Not You Have a Lead Worth Pursing

Our email finder by name software will accurately notify you whether or not it was able to find an email address for the name and domain name you provided

For all of your inputs, our tool will state whether its findings are Verified, Catch All or Guessed, so you know immediately if we were able to find a verified email address for you to reach out to.

Easily Transfer Contacts From Your Email Search By Name To a Campaign

When it comes to selling a product or service with cold email, prospecting is only part of the battle - once you have the right information, you need a sales cadence that converts these emails into sales calls or meetings.

And when you use our email finder by name tool, you can quickly and efficiently add these contacts to a campaign with a customizable email sequence from within the very same dashboard!

Get the Plan that Fits You

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  • Extract LinkedIn of direct-decision makers
  • Scrape 15+ million B2B companies
  • Scrape 500+ million Local Businesses
  • Scrape emails from websites or company names

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per month
  • Extract LinkedIn of direct-decision makers
  • Scrape 15+ million B2B companies
  • Scrape 500+ million Local Businesses
  • Scrape emails from websites or company names

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Finder By Name

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. This Q & A section will give you a better understanding of what our email finder by name tool is all about, and just how powerful it can be for you and your business.

How Do I Find Someone’s Email Address By Their Name?

Using our email finder by name software is quick and accurate. All you need is the first and last name of your desired contact, and their domain.

Plug them in, and we’ll scour the internet looking for their email address. We return it within seconds with three categorizations:

Verified: That means we found the email format and verified the MX and SMTP. The email is valid.
Catch All: That's mean we found the email format but the SMTP server has a security, we don't know if it's valid.
Guessed: We did not find the email format so we guessed it.

From there, all you need to do is add them to whatever campaign you’re running, and wait for their response!

How Accurate Is The Email Address Search By Name?

Most often, we hit the nail on the head and provide verified contact information when you run our email address finder by name.

However, sometimes, the databases we search don’t provide verified results, and we need to use our algorithm to make an educated guess. If the email address returned says “guessed”, you may be better off running a search for other email addresses through our domain search tool.

There, you can simply enter the domain address, and we’ll provide you not just the email address, but the first and last name and title of the decision maker we found.

Can I Try Your Email Finder by Name for Free?

We offer a 7-day free trial so you can try our email search by name software risk free. You also gain access to every tool we offer for an entire week.

This level of automation is only available through Klean Leads, so we know you won’t let your subscription run out.

What All Is Included In A Klean Leads Subscription?

When you purchase a subscription for our email finder by name tool, you don’t just get the software that helps you find any email address by name. You get a multitude of other softwares to help you automate your prospecting and outreach. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

• Find email address by domain with our Email Domain Search
• Enrichment data software to find new leads (enter a domain name and we’ll give you an email)
• Extract B2B or B2C domains and email addresses with our LinkedIn Email Finder
• Scrape B2B and B2C company emails in bulk with our Bulk Email Finder
• Chatbot solution to help covert website visitors into leads
• CRM & Lead scoring software
• Integrate with your favorite softwares and applications 

Klean Leads is a complete email scraper and outreach automation tool. Our software allows you to spend less time tracking down emails and following up with leads, and more time doing the things that actually move the needle for your business - taking meetings and sales calls.