Email Domain Search - Find Any Email Address Quickly!

Using our email domain search, you can quickly and accurately find the contact information for decision makers.

Find email addresses by domain name and have the tools necessary to help you get results like this!

Search For Email Addresses By Domain

In the past, maybe you relied on the contact page on a businesses website to get in touch with somebody. And if you couldn’t find it there, you were left to either fill out a contact form or move on.

We make it easy to get your product or service in front of prospects. You can bulk upload a list of domains, and we’ll spit out all the contact information you need, including first name, last name and position in the company.

Access Pertinent Information for Outreach Personalization

While other tools claim to help you search for email addresses by domain, we go above and beyond to get you all the pertinent information you might need to help you better-personalize your outreach.

From their location to the date the company was founded, never before has this much information been so readily available using nothing but a domain name!

Email Domain Search Returns Personal Email Addresses

Many tools claim to help you find any email address by domain. But, what good are these if they’re simply info@, sales@, or contact@? Emailing these addresses is a surefire way to end up talking to a gatekeeper rather than a decision maker, or nobody at all.

Generic email addresses don’t do us any good. That’s why our tool is designed to provide personal email addresses of real employees and figures at the company you’re prospecting.

Get the Plan that Fits You

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Unlimited Monthly

Unlimited Credits, Unlimited Additional Users, Personal Customer Support Rep


per month
  • Extract LinkedIn of direct-decision makers
  • Scrape 15+ million B2B companies
  • Scrape 500+ million Local Businesses
  • Scrape emails from websites or company names
  • Infinite FREE users (add people to your account, with their own dashboard, at no cost)
  • Personal customer support rep
  • Free List Building + Cold Email Course

Mini Monthly

10,000 leads per month


per month
  • Extract LinkedIn of direct-decision makers
  • Scrape 15+ million B2B companies
  • Scrape 500+ million Local Businesses
  • Scrape emails from websites or company names
  • Free List Building + Cold Email Course

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Domain Search

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. This Q & A section will give you a better understanding of what our domain email search tool is all about, and just how powerful it can be for you and your business.

How Does it Work?

If you’re looking to find email addresses by domain, it’s as simple as uploading a bulk list of domain names into our tool and running the search.

We then scrape public information to find all the pertinent data you’ll need in your outreach campaign. 

To fully automate this process, you can use our tool which allows you to find the names of B2B companies. You can search by location, industry, or even company size, and we’ll provide a list of businesses you can enter into our domain email search tool.

Through the Klean Leads dashboard, you can entirely automate your outreach while booking more appointments and closing more deals than you ever thought possible!

How Many Domains Can I Search?

In one search, you can find email addresses and contacts associated with up to 1,000 domains!

This is an astonishing number, and will cut your workload dramatically.When it comes to how many searches you get per month, it depends on which plan you opt for.

We currently have two tiers:

• Unlimited Monthly Searches ($97/month)
• 1,000 Monthly Searches ($47/month)

Choose the right package for you and your business, and scale it up or back as needed. We’re a tool that grows with you!

Can I Try Your Email Domain Search Tool For Free?

We are so confident Klean Leads is the best way to find any email address by domain that we are currently offering a 7 day free trial.

You get access to the entire Klean Leads dashboard, which includes not just our domain email searches feature, but all of the other awesome scraping and prospecting tools we mentioned earlier!

Once you see how much automation and scale is available with us on our side, we know you won’t want to leave.

What Else Is Included In A Klean Leads Subscription?

Our email domain search is just one aspect of Klean Leads. We have additional tools to make your outreach 10x easier, granting you the ability to:

• Extract decision maker emails our LinkedIn Email Finder
• Scrape 500+ million B2B companies without LinkedIn Premium
• Manage your outreach campaigns in once place
• Scrape B2B and B2C company emails in bulk with our Bulk Email Finder
• Scrape emails by name using our Email Finder by Name tool

Yeah, we can help you if you’re looking to search for email addresses by domain. But that’s just the beginning of what is possible with an email scraper like Klean Leads.