#1 LinkedIn Email Finder & Extractor Online

Using our google chrome LinkedIn email finder extension, you can quickly and easily extract any email address from any connection or profile you come across.

Find LinkedIn email addresses and access lead information to help you get results like this!

Find Your Next Batch Of Leads With Our LinkedIn Email Extractor

Never before has automating your LinkedIn prospecting been this easy. Our LinkedIn email extractor allows you to search for your ideal clients - whether it’s dentists, lawyers, or D2C Ecommerce - and download every profile that comes up in the search.

We'll then go page by page extracting as many emails from LinkedIn as possible, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Automate LinkedIn Search Visits & Connections

Our software doesn’t just serve as a LinkedIn email finder - it also has a feature that allows you to automate your search visits and connections. You can quickly and easily set up a template with a greeting to new connections, and connect automatically with potential prospects!

You can even choose whether you simply want to visit a profile, connect with a profile (leaving a personalized message), or visit and connect with a profile.

Using this profile visit feature of our LinkedIn email finder extension will greatly improve your success rate with cold outreach on this increasingly competitive platform.

Get Accurate Lead Data Extracted from LinkedIn

In order to increase the accuracy of our LinkedIn email extractor, the email discovery could take up to one hour to discover emails from the profiles you've selected and get your list ready.

Just be patient while we are processing your lists, and rest assured they’ll be ready for you to conduct outreach quickly!

Get the Plan that Fits You

Join now and get a 7 day free trial!

Unlimited Monthly

Unlimited Credits, Unlimited Additional Users, Personal Customer Support Rep


per month
  • Extract LinkedIn of direct-decision makers
  • Scrape 15+ million B2B companies
  • Scrape 500+ million Local Businesses
  • Scrape emails from websites or company names
  • Infinite FREE users (add people to your account, with their own dashboard, at no cost)
  • Personal customer support rep
  • Free List Building + Cold Email Course

Mini Monthly

10,000 leads per month


per month
  • Extract LinkedIn of direct-decision makers
  • Scrape 15+ million B2B companies
  • Scrape 500+ million Local Businesses
  • Scrape emails from websites or company names
  • Free List Building + Cold Email Course

Frequently Asked Questions About Our LinkedIn Email Finder

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. This Q & A section will give you a better understanding of what our LinkedIn email finder is all about, and just how powerful it can be for you and your business.

How Does The Klean Leads LinkedIn Email Finder Work?

Once you have your Klean Leads subscription up and running, conducting your first LinkedIn email extraction is a simple three step process.

Start by downloading the chrome extension, obviously. This can be done in less than a minute - just click download, go to your chrome extensions, and ensure you’re in developer mode.

Then, click “load unpacked” and upload the unzipped file.

From there, you can navigate to LinkedIn (ensuring the extension is in your browser and active), and you’ll see two options in the bottom left corner of your browser:

• Klean Leads - LinkedIn Email Address Finder
• Klean Leads - Auto Connect & Visits

Like we already mentioned, we also offer the auto connect and visits feature to give the impression you are actually manually visiting a users profile and sending a detailed, personalized mention.

But if you’re just looking to collect email addresses, search for your prospects, click the email extractor, set your parameters (how many pages to scroll through and collect from, where to send the list, etc.) and then you can walk away and work on something else - we’ll keep working in the background!

Can I Try Your LinkedIn Email Finder For Free?

If you’re not quite sure our software bundle is right for you, give it a try risk free for 7 days. You’ll be amazed at the level of automation and organization you can unlock.

We feel confident that once you give us a chance, you won’t be able to go back to prospecting and outreach the old way. You have way more important things to do than collect data from the web and send follow up emails.

Let us handle the heavy lifting, and you’ll find you’re too busy on sales calls and servicing clients to return to prospecting and outreach the old way anyway!

What Else Is Included In A Klean Leads Subscription?

Our LinkedIn email address finder is an incredible tool in any agency or freelancers arsenal. But, it’s just one of the many different prospecting and outreach softwares you’ll have access to with your subscription to Klean Leads.

We are a complete prospecting and outreach automation service, so you can rely on us do to all the menial tasks that you are used to doing manually on a daily basis - finding businesses, finding the decision maker, and then conducting an outreach campaign to gain that individuals trust and book a call or meeting.

We have software for each step of the puzzle. With Klean Leads, you never have to worry about where you’re going to get your next lead again. Here are some of the most notable softwares you’ll have at your fingertips:

• Find email address by domain with our Email Domain Search
• Scrape emails by name using our Email Finder by Name tool
• Enrichment data software to find new leads (enter a domain name and we’ll give you an email)
• Scrape B2B and B2C company emails in bulk with our Bulk Email Finder
• Chatbot solution to help covert website visitors into leads
• CRM & Lead scoring software
• Integrate with your favorite softwares and applications

Klean Leads is a complete email scraper and outreach automation tool. Our software allows you to spend less time tracking down emails and following up with leads, and more time doing the things that actually move the needle for your business - taking meetings and sales calls.