The Best D7 Lead Finder Alternative In 2022

Are you looking for an alternative to D7 Lead Finder (or perhaps another cold email finder that you've been using)? If so, you'll want to consider these other lead generation tools. As you likely already know, working with the right marketing tools and software is essential if you want to grow your business. It can help increase and drive sales while also increasing organic customers. A more engaging website can help you increase your likelihood of turning a lead into a customer or client - but so, too, can the right kind of leads.

D7 Lead Finder is a lead generation scraping tool that is often considered one of the most popular email finder tools. It has three pricing tiers from $24.99 to $93.99.

It works on "lists" or "searches," charging you based on the number of industry and location searches you do in a day.

A cloud-based software, it saves hard drive space and allows you to access all the data in an easy-to-read table. You can then use this data to contact a lead.

Is D7 Lead Finder Good?

D7 Lead Finder is a good option for the business that's just getting started in finding leads - but it's by no means the best out there.

Its lower-priced tier works just fine at first - but once you start growing your business, you'll likely find that even the premium Agency plan isn't enough.

It is limited in the integration of its dynamic sales and is not a scraping tool that offers the ability to measure visitor information, either.

So while it's effective at getting you leads - and getting them to you quickly - it might not be the best option for every business, especially a more advanced company that wants to take its sales and marketing to the next level.

Another major issue with D7 Lead Finder is that it pulls massive lists of company URLs and email addresses - but it doesn't specifically draw decision-maker emails. You'll end up with a lot of generic email addresses like info@, sales@, and contact@. This isn't helpful when you're trying to get quality leads!

So where do you turn instead?

Best D7 Lead Finder Alternatives

If you're looking for other tools to try besides D7 Lead Finder, you'll want to compare some of these other online marketing and lead generation options.

1. Klean Leads

Klean Leads is the very best email finder tool you can use. While many of the other tools we'll tell you about below are very similar to D7 Lead Finder in their features and automation capabilities, Klean Leads goes way beyond and really blows the competition out of the water.

This software will enable you to scrape direct personal emails from any niche all around the world in a matter of seconds, instead of minutes. It can extract data from LinkedIn and find direct decision-maker emails (rather than giving you not-so-helpful results with emails like info@ and sales@, which probably won't yield very effective results).

It has a Chrome extension that will automatically pull emails but can also extract from more than 500 million local businesses and 15 million B2B emails.

With a plan that starts at $97 per month, it's also a more affordable option for your business than many of the other marketing tools we'll compare it with. There's a seven-day free trial you may feel more comfortable starting with.

2. LeadScrape

LeadScrape is similar to D7 Lead Finder in many ways. You can select the type of leads you are looking for and your target location, then get results almost instantly.

LeadScrape is a desktop software instead of a cloud-based application. Beyond that, it is very close to D7 Lead Finder in the results that it yields. However, it does offer the ability to add extra fields like the number of employees and contact names. It will give you a CSV or Excel file with all of the data at the end of your search, just like D7, too.

It's important to note that it is a bit pricier than D7, though, with the most basic plan starting at $97 per month. So with that said, this alternative really isn't worth it in our books.

3. IcyLeads

IcyLeads is priced almost exactly the same as many of the other alternatives to D7 Lead Finder on this list. For $97 per month, you'll have access to an unlimited email finder that will enable you to take your business to the next level.

There's a free trial available for this software, which, like many, will let you find emails from LinkedIn, search by job title, and find new companies.

Unlike D7 Lead Finder, it has a ton of other features that will let you enhance your sales prospecting abilities. You can enrich data with emails and get access to a searchable lead database. However - this is basically an exact copy of D7, which as we explained earlier - is not worth your time or money.

4. FindThatLead

FindThatLead has a free plan that allows for up to 50 monthly credits and one user at a time - you can send up to 250 emails daily. With FindThatLead, you can search profiles on LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It can also help find phone numbers and will export all of your information to helpful lists.

The most basic plan beyond that is the growth plan, which is $49 per month, with a more expensive start-up plan for $150 per month.

If you're going to spend that kind of money, though, Klean Leads is the no-brainer choice. It's far cheaper and offers way more capabilities.

FindThatLead lacks a lot of special features that will help you fully integrate this data into your marketing campaign, though - and it doesn't have the Chrome extension compatibility or verification abilities like many of the other options on this list do.

Why Klean Leads is the Best Alternative to D7 Lead Finder

If you're sick of sending cold email after cold email with no results, it might be time to choose a new lead finder.

D7 Lead Finder is a good option for finding leads for many people, but if you want to get real results, it's time to consider Klean Leads.

Klean Leads is the best email scraper online, helping you find new businesses and contact email addresses to reach out to in a snap. You can search email addresses by name or even conduct an email search by domain. Want to scale up? You can even conduct a bulk email search. If your prospects are on LinkedIn, use the LinkedIn email finder tool!

Klean Leads also takes care of the second part of the battle when it comes to sending cold email campaigns - remember, compiling leads is only half the work you need to do. A list of email addresses doesn't mean much if you don't know what to say or how to send your message.

With Klean Leads, you'll also have access to an entire CRM software that will allow you to set up automated campaigns for your outreach - a program that's easy to add fresh leads to.

Klean Leads is an accurate, effective email finder that's easy to use. You can even integrate it with LinkedIn to send personalized messages! It doesn't get any better than that.

Ready to get started? Try Klean Leads today - there is even a free seven-day trial to give you access to all of its outstanding services. Trust us, you'll want to stick around much longer than that once you see everything that this top alternative to D7 Lead Finder can do for you!