Top Lusha Alternative In 2022

Looking for alternatives to Lusha? You've come to the right place - because today, we're delighted to share our #1 B2B scraping tool on the market. You know software can help you scale your business and free up your time to talk to more prospects or spend more time servicing your existing clients. But, you don't know which one to use - you've heard great things about Lusha, is this the right tool for you?

It could be - but we have to know a bit more about you and your business before we can truly say. It's great for some people, but it definitely falls short in some regards. We'll explain what we mean by that later on in this article.

After reading through this article, you'll likely be able to come to your own conclusions as to whether or not you should go with Lusha or try an alternative we recommend.

Let's start by explaining just about everything you need to know about Lusha.

What Is Lusha Used For?

Lusha helps you reach your ideal future customers. This software is used by sales companies and agencies around the world to access B2B data.

Of course, businesses use Lusha for sales purposes - finding prospects and getting in front of them efficiently. But this isn't the only situation in which you may try using Lusha.

Many recruiters will use Lusha to try and find their next employees. They have a pool of highly qualified candidates just waiting to be offered an interview or position.

Marketers will use Lusha, too, to help them pinpoint qualified marketing contacts quickly and efficiently.

Is Using Lusha Legal?

Web scraping is still pretty new - at least to the general public - and thus, pretty misunderstood. Is using software like Lusha even legal?

While it may seem like a violation of privacy to some, using Lusha is perfectly legal and entirely ethical. You aren't extracting data from someone's personal database - all the contact information software like Lusha provides you is available to anyone on the internet.

All Lusha does is make it more efficient and automate the extraction of said data - nothing wrong with that!

If you truly believe your business or service is the solution to a problem someone has - then it's your moral duty to get your offer in front of them!

What Are The Issues With Lusha As An Email Scraper?

Lusha is a great tool - we won't deny that. It can definitely help you get the data you need. However, it does fall short in a few regards. Our biggest complaint about the software is the price - for businesses who have high volume needs, you'll pay well over $200 a month.

Their free plan only grants you five credits a month - which is essentially useless. And, all it provides you are email addresses and phone numbers.

But the biggest reason we wouldn't recommend users try Lusha is that the software isn't ideal for those who specifically need to conduct outreach to businesses.

With Lusha, their capabilities end once they give you a lead. Many Lusha alternatives, on the other hand, can help you manage these leads in a CRM pipeline that consists of an email outreach software - helping you sequence emails to the leads regularly.

Are There Alternatives To Lusha Worth Trying?

Lusha is a bit too general in our opinion - if you're hoping to use an email scraper specifically to find contact information of decision-makers for the purpose of cold emailing them - they aren't the best.

With the price of their software, you'll have to spend a ton to get the type of volume you need. And at that point, it's worth exploring other avenues.

Even with the free plan, you're only getting five credits a month - what are you supposed to do with that?!

And let's be honest - with the Lusha alternatives currently out there, Lusha falls short in that it really only helps you access contact information - some of which is pretty generic (info@, sales@ contact@, etc.).

Chances are, you need something a bit more robust with more capabilities than what Lusha offers you.

So maybe this software isn't right for you - are the alternatives to Lusha worth trying? In our mind, there are all kinds of Lusha alternatives that are worth giving a shot - but one of them stands out as the clear #1 choice.

Klean Leads - The #1 Alternative To Lusha

When you go with Klean Leads instead of Lusha, you'll get the most value of any B2B contact scraper on the internet in this day and age.

It's so much more than just an email extraction software, too. It goes above and beyond anything else currently on the market and is the most valuable asset any agency or sales team could have in their arsenal.

Here are all the reasons we love it and recommend it to anyone who needs cost-effective email scraping that offers more than the competition.

Find Decision Makers From Businesses In Bulk

By investing in a Klean Leads subscription, you'll be able to make your outreach up to ten times easier. You'll have access to over 500+ million leads, along with tools that make outreach more automated and efficient.

If you don't know where to begin, you can start by finding B2B companies or B2C companies - just choose your location, niche, company size, and the software will provide a list of domains.

From there, you can upload that information into the email extraction piece of software - this is where the real magic happens!

With just a few clicks, you'll be able to pull thousands of businesses and their decision-makers ' contact information.

You can search all around the world for personal emails in any niche - you'll never be left hanging with a generic email address like some of the other email scrapers, either. Heer

Scrape Data From Anywhere On The Web - Including LinkedIn!

With Lusha, you're a bit limited in terms of where you can extract data from. However, with Klean Leads, any website on the internet is fair game - including LinkedIn, the leading professional social platform!

That means you can go direct to the source, finding decision makers on LinkedIn, and extracting their contact information using the Klean Leads chrome extension.

You'll get company information, email addresses, and phone numbers - everything you need to begin a detailed outreach campaign.

With the chrome extension, LinkedIn outreach is easier than ever! You can also automate profile visits, among other things.

Manage Prospects Easily In A CRM & Email Sequencing Software

Another reason we prefer Klean Leads vs Lusha is that once you extract your data from Lusha, you have to then upload all your data into whatever CRM or email outreach software you use.

This not only creates extra work and costs you efficiency, but it also costs you money as you need to subscribe to another piece of software!

With Klean Leads, though, you can extract all your email addresses and phone numbers directly within the software. Then, with the click of a button, upload all that information to an outreach campaign within the very same dashboard!

This leads to an increase in efficiency and cuts costs, as you're able to consolidate your software into one monthly subscription.

Try Klean Leads 100% Risk-Free Today!

With the premium monthly plan, you pay under $100. This grants you access to all the different software within the Klean Leads dashboard, which includes:

  • Enrichment data software to find emails & phone numbers
  • Email extractor software from websites
  • Chatbot solution to capture leads
  • Email sequencing software & CRM
  • LinkedIn Chrome Extension
  • And more!

There is so much value packed into a subscription that it makes the Klean Leads vs Lusha debate a no-brainer - Klean Leads is the ultimate outreach and prospecting tool in 2021! Whether you're hoping to find an email address by domain, or conduct an email search by name, or even find prospects using the linkedin email extractor - nothing is off limits with Klean Leads. You can even scale your outreach up through the bulk email finder.

And with a 7-day free trial, you can access all that Klean Leads has to offer for free. If you aren't blown away by what is possible, just cancel before the free trial ends - no questions asked.

That's how confident we are that you're going to want to harness the power of Klean Leads for your business and start scaling fast!