The Best Scrapebox Alternatives Of 2022

If you have ever used Scrapebox, you are aware that it is a fantastic tool. It provides a plethora of tools all in one for SEOs, and to be honest, there are no true alternatives. Or at least, not until now. Fortunately for you, we've found a replacement that actually goes above and beyond. So today, we're going to share some of the top Scrapbox alternatives - including one that every marketer or entrepreneur out there can benefit from. In order to help you in making your decision, I'll briefly explain what each tool performs and which one you should pick depending on your requirements. But first, let's look into what web scraping is and how it operates.

What is web scraping?

The technique of obtaining structured web data in an automated manner is known as web scraping. Web data extraction is another name for it.

Pricing monitoring, price intelligence, news monitoring, lead creation, and market research are just a few of the many web scraping applications.

Web data extraction is utilized by people and enterprises who seek to make better decisions by using a large amount of publicly available web data.

You've done the same duty as a web scraper if you've ever copied and pasted information from a webpage, although on a small, manual scale.

In contrast to the tedious and mind-numbing process of manually gathering data, web scraping employs clever automation to retrieve hundreds, millions, or even billions of data points from the internet's seemingly limitless frontier.

Web scraping is becoming increasingly popular

It's hardly surprising how quickly web scraping is gaining popularity when you think about it. That's because it gives you something no other technique can: structured web data from any publicly accessible website.

The actual value of data web scraping rests not in its ability to develop and power some of the world's most revolutionary business applications but in its ability to construct and power some of the world's most revolutionary business applications.

'Transformative' is an understatement when it comes to how certain businesses use web scraped data to improve their operations, from executive decisions to individual customer care interactions.

The basics of web scraping

Web scraping is pretty basic, and it consists of two parts: a web crawler and a web scraper.

The scraper is the chariot, and the web crawler is the horse. The crawler guides the scraper through the internet as though by hand, extracting the data requested.

Below, we'll help you understand what the differences are between web crawling and web scraping, as well as how they work.

The crawler

A web crawler, sometimes known as a "spider," is an artificial intelligence that uses links and exploration to index and search for internet content, much like a person with too much free time.

In many projects, you "crawl" the internet or a single website to find URLs, which you then send to your scraper.

The scraper

A web scraper is a specialized tool that extracts data from an online page accurately and fast. Depending on the job, web scrapers come in a variety of designs and levels of complexity.

The data locators (or selectors) used to discover the data you wish to extract from the HTML file are a vital aspect of every scraper. Typically, XPath, CSS selectors, regex, or a combination of these are used.

What exactly is Scrapebox?

ScrapeBox is the ultimate link harvester, mass comment poster, PR storm mode, bulk page rank checker, and more, with many addons and plugins.

It's such a vast tool that we need to break down each of the different pieces of software you'll unlock with your Scrapebox subscription.

Keyword Harvester

Thousands of long-tail keywords can be generated from a single base term with this extensive keyword harvester.

Search Engine Harvester

With the powerful and trainable URL harvester, you can get thousands of URLs from over 30 search engines in seconds, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Proxy harvester

ScrapeBox's feature will protect your IP address from being blacklisted. Thousands of free proxies are harvested and tested by this powerful proxy harvester and tester to ensure you can keep your work confidential.

Analytical software

This feature in ScrapeBox will undoubtedly assist you in evaluating your competitors and backlinks. You can obtain information about your competitors' backlinks, as well as the page's ranking and the top web pages, as well as components to discuss.

Comment Poster

Imagine visiting a slew of sites related to your subject and leaving comments on their articles. Isn't it both time-consuming and frustrating?

ScrapeBox, on the other hand, will spare you the trouble. It will automatically target many sites related to your subject that have high-quality traffic and leave comments on your posts. This will bring in the targeted traffic to your website.

Link Checker

With the rapid multi-threaded backlink checker, quickly scan thousands of pages to verify your backlinks and anchor text.

Who should use this web scraping tool?

Keep in mind that this data extraction tool isn't for everyone out there. It's for SEO professionals and agencies in particular who are looking to automate their work with software.


  • Run-on your local machine
  • Low cost (one time payment)
  • Feature-rich


  • It is slow when scraping on a wide scale.
  • It isn't easy to learn.
  • It eats up a ton of bandwidth. If your ISP caps you, you'll need to run it from a VPS if you use it frequently.

Now that we know what the cons are, let look at some of Scrapebox alternatives and figure out which one is the best web scraping tool for you and your business.


Parsehub is a web scraping desktop program that allows you to scrape the web, even for complex and dynamic websites and scenarios.

Scraping takes place on Parsehub servers. All you have to do now is make the instruction in the app.

When scraping dynamic webpages, many visual web scraping solutions are restricted, but not Parsehub. You can, for example:

  • Scroll
  • Fill in inputs and submit forms while waiting for an element to appear on the page
  • Download files and pictures from behind a login form
  • It can be less expensive than purchasing proxies


  • Scheduler (you may select to run your scraping operation hourly, daily, or weekly)
  • API access
  • Export to JSON/CSV file


  • There is a steep learning curve
  • It is an expensive investment.


DataMiner is a popular web scraping Chrome addon (186k installation and counting). Unlike other extensions, Dataminer has a lot of functionality.

However, Chrome extensions are generally easier to use than desktop applications like Octoparse or Parsehub.

One of the finest advantages of Dataminer is the ability to search a public recipe list. A recipe is a collection of scraping instructions.

Instead of manually clicking and choosing the part you want, you may scrape the search results from major websites like Amazon or eBay.


  • Easy-to-use
  • There are several public recipes available.
  • No coding is required.


  • It is the most costly tool on our list ($200 per month for 9000 scraped pages).

Klean Leads

Klean Leads guarantees that you can scrape direct personal emails from any niche anywhere on the planet in seconds.

You may extract any LinkedIn search and retrieve any person's personal emails with the Chrome plugin. Put any website into the search box, type in job titles, and you'll get immediate email addresses. Choose from over 15 million B2B companies in the database.

You must know how to reach out to the prospects you have gathered in order to be effective with cold email marketing. For the most part, email autoresponders are inconvenient, restrictive, and expensive. As a result, we're assisting you in automating this task.

All of the tools you'll need to manage your lead acquisition are included in Klean Leads' CRM. It's embedded into its marketing and lead-tracking software, so adding new prospects to the CRM we provide you is a breeze.

You may simply construct a campaign by incorporating the results of a single-click email search. It is unnecessary to export files and then import them again in a different application, resulting in two independent pieces of software.

Using two services is superfluous. In one handy piece of software, you'll discover everything you need to contact and stay in touch with your prospects and existing clients.

Why Klean Leans is the best Scrapebox alternative

If you're undecided, deciding which email extraction tool to use might be challenging. There are a lot of choices, and they all look to do the same thing, right?

Given the fact that you simply want to learn how to scrape email addresses, we will not spend much time here. Using simple and short language, we'll show why Klean Leads is the most effective way to extract data from websites.

Find Companies to Contact

Even though there are several alternatives when looking for an email scraper online, the great majority of people seem to be flocking to Klean Leads - why is that?

There's just no comparison: no one else offers the same amount of functionality at such a low cost. Klean Leads isn't only an email-finding tool, as you surely already know. Instead, it's a fully automated recruiting and outreach campaign.

Easily find decision maker email information using domains

Klean Leads' email domain search software is perfect for discovering critical decision-maker data from corporate domains.

In addition to the name, job, and email address, other contact data such as LinkedIn ID & URL, company information, and much more are given. Just use the email domain search tool and gain access to your data.

Search for the decision maker's email address using their name

Perhaps you already have a list of decision-makers - you know who you want to contact, and all you need to do now is figure out how to acquire their email address.

This is where the email finder by name tool comes in to save you time by automating a time-consuming task—no more wasting time on LinkedIn or other media!

Whether you're looking for a single email address or a CSV of decision-makers in bulk, the email scraper can help you locate the ideal address. If Klean Leads cannot identify it, it will provide an informed guess and enable you to proceed as you choose! Just use the email search by name tool.

Locate email addresses in bulk as quickly as possible

Klean Leads can also help you locate email addresses on a large scale with the bulk email finder. You can add up to 10,000 domains to your account at once!

Your firm is well-versed in cold email figures: it's how you get things done. How many more meetings or phone calls do you think you'd schedule if you had access to all of these leads?

Extract email addresses from LinkedIn

You can even use the LinkedIn email finder if that's where your prospects live. There is no better tool for scraping important data in 202 - trust us!

Final Thoughts On The Best Scrapebox Alternatives Of 2022

Now that you have a good understanding of the different Scrapebox alternatives at your disposal, what are you waiting for? Klean Leads is the no-brainer choice - and you can try it free today for 7 days.

You're just moments away from unlocking email outreach and prospecting automation - whether you're an SEO specialist or email marketer, or any other entrepreneur in dire need of an efficient data extraction software!