What Is The Top Sigparser Alternative In 2022?

There's a wide range of data that is sent to you by email. Invoices, orders, inquiries, attachments, and other forms of correspondence are constantly flooding your inbox. All this unrelated information is in one location. Furthermore, it frequently needs to be operated differently. Your bookkeeping software, for example, will make better use of receipts if you save them. Contacts are more useful in your CRM. Granted, you could manually transfer the data across, but that's a lot of work—especially if you're dealing with dozens or even hundreds of emails each day. There are several methods to help you gain control of your inbox so that you can streamline and optimize it. One day, you discovered the word 'email parser' while searching for a solution. But what is an email parser, and what role does it play in putting an end to your messy inbox?

What Is An Email Parser?

An email parser extracts data from incoming emails to provide you with better material to work with. With email parsing, one can set the rules for a parser to extract particular information from emails that come in. You can make an unstructured email into structured data by having a service transform it.

You can parse data fields from the email body and email headers with most email parsers. An improved solution will also cover your emails and documents. (Think about a PDF, a spreadsheet, or a resume.)

An email parser employs conditional processing to extract the relevant information you're looking for. You will have access to only the information you want. So, what is an email parser all about?

Simply put - it performs tedious tasks such as data extraction and sourcing for you.

What Is SigParser?

SigParser is an email scraping and parsing software meant to assist data, marketing, and sales teams in searching for email signatures and calendars in order to collect information about contacts, attachments, social profiles, addresses, and more.

SigParser specializes in understanding and categorizing email signatures. Imagine the information that would be available to you if you understood that the majority of emails include signatures and are, therefore, accompanied by various contact details.

What Does SigParser Provide?

It can be a hassle to copy and paste all of your important contact information into your address book or CRM. SigParser makes that process easier. The free version of SigParser allows you to read 90 days of your emails, with the option to upgrade and access emails further back in time.

All new emails get scanned in real-time, ensuring that all of your contact information is always available. Once that's done, you may transmit this data to your CRM, address book, or any other place that can use it.

Using these tools, you could theoretically scrape contact information, but you would have to put in some effort. Different email signatures are all over the place, and basic guidelines don't help us parse them all.

SigParser application serves only one purpose, and it works exceptionally well on many signature styles. In some businesses, like direct sales, following up with consumers is vital to the success of the company. While it seems trivial, following up can help the company be more successful.

Try out SigParser's free demo trial to get contacts in your emails and calendars.

Is SigParser Safe?

The platform at SigParser is secure, and you may entrust your important email data to them. Here are some of the ways Sigparser ensures that your platform and data are kept safe:

  • Your information is never sold by Sigparser. Your data is yours to keep.
  • Sigparser is SOC2 Compliant certified.
  • Sigparser is a Google-verified application for accessing email data, and they have passed Leviathan's penetration testing.
  • They run all of their applications in an AWS-hosted, extremely secure environment.
  • At rest, all acquired data is encrypted.
  • To log in to the application, users must complete two-factor authorization.
  • Customers have the option of deleting their accounts and all associated data.
  • You can view their SOC2 Gap Assessment, which is updated on a regular basis (to obtain the report, enter your business email and password = public).
  • GDPR compliance is ensured by all vendors.

Why Do People Switch From Sigparser?

Despite the fact that Sigparser is a very dependable email parsing tool, many users are looking for Sipgparser alternatives.

The user interface and look-and-feel are less developed than the functionality. The documentation is also behind the times, necessitating greater communication with the technical support team.

With that in mind, it's time to take a closer look at the alternatives to Sigparser.

The Best Alternatives to Sigparser

We're going to share a few different options you have at your disposal when it comes to finding Sigpraser alternatives. However, only one of these is the ideal candidate in our books - stay till the end to get the juicy scoop for yourself.


When you look at an email, you know what your email address, date, and time look like. A computer doesn't have that ability; it has to be trained in order to interpret an email. Mailparser does an excellent job of making the procedure appear simple, which is amazing.

You create an inbox with its own unique email address. Send a few emails to that address, and Mailparser will figure out what information you're looking for. It won't be flawless every time, but if you're attempting to retrieve anything like a receipt, it'll suffice. You can make your own rules if you don't have any.

Send all new leads to Mailparser, and it will extract and store the information in your preferred CRM, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, or Pipedrive.

Every email can have its subject, body, recipients, and headers parsed using Mailparser. It can also parse attachments, including PDF, XLS, CSV, TXT, and XML files. But the user interface, in my opinion, is the most appealing element here. If you've never used an email parsing service before and aren't sure where to begin, this is the tool to start with.

Because Mailparser works with Zapier, you can send the parsed data to thousands of applications as soon as the emails arrive. You could, for example, add items to a Google Sheet, establish new Mailchimp subscribers, or even get notifications in Slack about new scraped emails.


SnapADDY is a powerful productivity tool with a wide range of features. It provides data harvesting tools for the web, email, trade fairs, and even business cards.

The software is wonderful when users have contacts they wish to enter in their contacts list or CRM right away. The system allows a user to highlight any contact details discovered on the web, in an email, or in any document, and then parses the information found, such as title, phone number, and address, and allows the user to add the contact to their SnapADDY list, CRM, or another list.

SnapADDY requires the user to both identify the email signature (by highlighting it) as well as evaluate the data and take a few extra steps to place the contact in the CRM system.

SnapADDY offers a variety of CRM system connections and can update CRM systems with any contact information discovered. SnapADDY comes with connections for most major CRM systems and provides several ways to update contacts in a CRM, similar to discovering email signatures.

In addition, they offer a fantastic business card scanner. Simply launch their app, take a photo of the business card, and the app will parse the contact information for you, allowing you to examine and add the contact to your address book or CRM.

Email Parser

Email Parser doesn't hold your hand: no wizard will guess what you want to parse, so you'll have to set up all of the rules yourself. It won't be easy, but the payoff will be the power that other programs can't match.

This is due in part to the fact that Email Parser is a standalone Windows application. Unlike most other email parsers, it connects directly to Gmail, Exchange, and POP/IMAP servers, rather than relying on you to forward messages to a specific address.

Having a built-in local file system for storage is one huge benefit of running Windows. No cloud storage is required because the program can send email data directly to an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file, or even a text document on your machine.

There's also support for local PowerScript and C# scripting, so if you know how to code, there's no limit to what you can do with the data you parse. This is especially intriguing given that Email Parser for Windows is a one-time purchase—it's the only program on this list that doesn't require a monthly subscription.


Mailparser is somewhat similar to Parseur, but it differs in a fundamental way: it can successfully extract a lot more attachment file formats.

This is the program you should use if you get a lot of receipts that are (inexplicably) sent as word processor documents. Parseur extracts data from all file types supported by Mailparser, as well as word processing formats such as DOCX, ODT, RTF, Apple Pages, and even WordPerfect (for some reason).

Parseur integrates with Zapier, Microsoft Flow, GetSwift, Google Sheets, and Webhooks. The most popular integrations include HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM, Agile CRM.

There are a couple of extra features here that aren't available in similar tools. Post-processing is possible, for example, with Python scripts (at a higher price point). In addition to emails, a Chrome extension allows you to parse web pages. There are other templates for handling emails from popular services, such as Google Alerts.

Klean Leads

In our opinion, there is only one alternative to Sigparser worth looking into - and that's Klean Leads. Klean Leads ensures that you can scrape direct personal emails from any niche all around the world in mere seconds.

Using the Chrome extension, you can extract any LinkedIn search and get anyone's personal emails. Put any website into the search box, type in job titles, and you'll get direct email addresses right away. Choose from a database of more than 15 million B2B businesses.

To be successful with cold email marketing, you need to know how to outreach to the prospects you have gathered. Email autoresponders are awkward, restricting, and pricey for the most part. So we're helping you automate this challenge.

Klean Leads' CRM includes all of the tools you'll need to manage your lead acquisition. It is built into its marketing and lead-tracking software, so it's simple to add new prospects to the CRM we pass along to you.

You may easily create a campaign by adding results from an email search performed with a single click. Files don't need to be exported, then imported again in a separate program, creating two separate pieces of software. It's unnecessary to use two services. You will find everything you need to contact and keep in touch with your prospects and existing customers in one convenient location.

What Makes Klean Leads The Best Sigparser Alternative?

It can be difficult to decide which email extraction program to employ if you are unsure. There are a plethora of options available, and they all appear to accomplish the same goal, right?

We won't spend much time here because you only wanted to learn how to scrape email addresses. We'll explain why Klean Leads is the finest approach to extract emails, and we'll do it in a quick and straightforward manner.

Find Businesses to Contact

Despite the fact that there are a plethora of options available when looking for an email scraper online, the vast majority of people are flocking to us - why is that?

There's just no comparison: no one else has the same level of features at such a low price. As you are probably aware, Klean Leads is not merely an email-finding tool as you think. Rather, it is a total prospecting and outreach automation program.

Use our search tool to enter the domains.

The email domain search program of Klean Leads is ideal for locating crucial decision-maker information from company domains. The email domain search tool is as intuitive as it gets.

Other contact details such as LinkedIn ID & URL, corporate information, and much more, in addition to the name, position, and email address are included.

Conduct An Email Address Search Using The Decision Maker's Name

Perhaps you already have a list of decision-makers - you know the name of the person you want to contact, you simply need to figure out how to get their email address.

That's where the email finder by name tool comes in to help you save time by automating this tedious operation. No more squandering time on social media or LinkedIn!

The email scraper can help you find the perfect address, whether you're looking for a single email address or a CSV of decision-makers in bulk. If Klean Leads can't locate it, it will make an educated estimate and allow you to go as you choose! Just use the email finder by name feature.

As Efficiently As Possible, Locate Email Addresses in Bulk

With the bulk email finder, Klean Leads can also assist you in finding bulk email addresses. You can add up to 10,000 domains at once here! How many additional meetings or phone calls do you think you would arrange if you had all of these leads available to you?

On top of all this, Klean Leads also help[s you find LinkedIn contact information with a LinkedIn email extractor.

Automate Your Email Parsing, Scraping, & Outreach For Good!

With Klean Leads email scraper online, your email work is easier and more automated than ever. No decision-maker is safe - you can easily extract their data and get in touch with them.

If you're still not convinced, head over to the Klean Leads website and try the service free for 7 days - we're confident you'll want to stick around once you give it a try! Don't delay, you're just moments away from unlocking unlimited leads for you and your business.