What Is An Email Scraper?

If you are trying to find the contact information of someone in particular, and their social media profiles aren't uncovering any answers for you, then you need to learn about what an email scraper is and what it can do for you! These unique scraping tools allow you to find the email addresses of anyone on the internet if you just have a few pieces of vital information on them - their name and the domain their email address would be associated with!

What Exactly Is An Email Scraper?

We aren't going to waste any time - what exactly is an online email scraper?

This is nothing more than a piece of software that helps you harvest email addresses across the internet for anyone you may need to get in touch with.

This powerful tool is an absolute godsend to those who rely on cold email to contact prospects - if you want to work with a specific company, you cannot afford to waste any time emailing generic email addresses like info@, contact@, etc.

Instead, use an email extractor to piece together the decision maker's email address at the company - if you know the domain name of the company and the name of the person you need to get in contact with, you can almost certainly find their email address.

With that said, not all email scraping tools are created equal - some have far more capabilities than others. So, let's talk about the different ways you can scrape email addresses.

What Are The Different Types Of Email Extractors?

Some email extractors require nothing more than a domain address, while some need a combination of a person's first & last name along with the domain address.

These are two of the most popular ways to collect email addresses, but there is a third type that's gaining popularity - Chrome extensions that you can use to extract email addresses via LinkedIn, for example.

This type is unique in that you can search something in LinkedIn - whether that's a specific job title, type of business, or anything else - and let your chrome extension run.

At that point, you can step away or work on something else while the tool works hard scraping email addresses for you.

Is It Legal To Scrape Emails?

We know how sensitive people can be about their personal information - and in 2021, everyone has dealt with their fair share of spam email blasts to their inbox - which is super annoying.

This begs the question, is it legal to scrape emails?

Yes - the act of scraping emails is perfectly legal, but you do need to be pretty careful about how you use the email addresses you end up scraping.

If your intention is to extract email addresses and then sell these lists to people so they can spam them with irrelevant offers, you could end up in hot water per the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

With that said, if you are genuinely interested in reaching out to the people whose emails you extract, and you grant them the ability to opt out of receiving emails from you, you should be safe.

Just be sure to personalize everything so you don't look sketchy in the eyes of Google - from the subject line to the email body.

You should also watch the number of emails you send daily - if you have a brand new domain, there will need to be a warming period before you start blasting 100+ emails a day.

How Does Email Scraping Work?

How do these tools work? Is it magic?

No, not really. Every email extractor uses similar software to search the web for the email address in question - and sometimes, the algorithm implements nothing more than an educated guess!

An email extractor is able to look up and determine the formula a domain uses for their email addresses, and can then take the name you've given and see if the specific address exists somewhere on the web.

Keep in mind these tools don't work 100% of the time - sometimes you'll be given nothing more than a guess. But, the best email extractor tools will be sure to let you know their confidence level in the specific address they've spit out.

Speaking of which, you're probably wondering which email extractor you should invest in today. As it turns out, one stands out among the crowd - Klean Leads.

Why Klean Leads Is The Best Email Extractor On The Internet

If you're going to extract emails for the purpose of cold emailing prospective clients and pitching them on your services, then there is only one piece of software for you - and that's Klean Leads.

Offering more capabilities than any other scraper on the web, this is a no-brainer investment in your business. You can completely automate your prospecting and outreach, spending more time closing deals and less time guessing email addresses and scheduling follow-up emails.

Multiple Scraping Tools All In One Easy To Use Software

We mentioned earlier that some tools need nothing more than a domain, some need a name, and some can be added to your browser for scraping email addresses on LinkedIn.

Well, Klean Leads offers all these capabilities - helping you find your clients no matter where they are on the web, and no matter how much information you have on them. You can easily conduct an email search by name, or if you know they're on the platform, use the linkedin email finder. Of course, you'll always have the ability to search for email addresses by domain, too. If you want to really scale up your scraping, you can use the bulk email finder feature, too!

In fact, the software gives you more contact information than any other software, too!

You'll gain access to not just multiple decision-maker email addresses for every website you search, but you'll also gain company information like the person's title, social media handles, where the company is located, and more. If you want to

After you have this contact information, you can easily add it to an email autoresponder built directly into the email scraper - this helps you consolidate other software you may already be paying for, saving you money and time.

Easily Find Businesses To Start Scraping & Reaching Out To

Not sure which businesses to reach out to? Klean Leads makes it easy, with a database containing millions of prospective businesses - both B2b and B2C.

Simply enter the type of business you're after, the size, the location, and this software will spit out an extensive list of domains you can add to your campaign - it couldn't be easier!

Give the software a try for yourself today risk-free - we guarantee you'll want to stick around when you see the power it offers for you and your freelancing or agency business!