The Top Zyte Alternative In 2022

WAIT - before you pull the trigger on that Zyte membership, we have to tell you about the best web data scraper alternative currently on the market. If you're looking to get the most bang for your buck, then we're here to tell you that Zyte may not be the best tool for you and your business. At least, not if it's a particular type of data you're looking to scrape

WAIT - before you pull the trigger on that Zyte membership, we have to tell you about the best web data scraper alternative currently on the market.

If you're looking to get the most bang for your buck, then we're here to tell you that Zyte may not be the best tool for you and your business. At least, not if it's a particular type of data you're looking to scrape.

What Is Zyte?

Zyte is a popular web scraping tool and automation software. If you're looking to extract any sort of web data, this is no doubt a name you'll come across.

This software can help you accomplish several things. Some of the most common include:

  • Lead generation
  • Price monitoring
  • Price intelligence
  • News monitoring
  • Market research

There's no doubt that Zyte can help you scrape all the data you need from any website out there. With this data, you have the ability to build and power some of the world's most revolutionary business applications.

How Zyte Makes Web Scraping Simple

Without Zyte, here is how the web scraping process would look:

Basically, you have to start by coming up with a list of target websites you're interested in scraping data from. Then, you need to compile those URLs and make a request to get the HTML from those pages.

Once you have the raw HTML files, you use a locator(s) to find the specific pieces of data you're looking for within the data - be it email addresses, prices, news, etc. After all that, you save the data in some sort of structured format so you can use it in the future - typically a JSON or CSV file.

If you have a really small project - this isn't all the much work. But if you're scraping hundreds of sites a week, you can see how much time this task would end up taking!

That's where Zyte comes in - they outsource the hard work for you so you can actually focus your time and energy on what matters. They'll just hand you the data, and you're able to use it as you please!

Zyte relies on crawlers and scrapers that work hand in hand to pull the data you're seeking - and deliver it in an efficient, organized matter. How cool is that?

Who Could Benefit From Using Zyte?

Is Zyte right for you?

It could be - but it really depends on what you're hoping to use this software for, to be honest. There are all kinds of use cases that make sense - here are a few:

  • The fashion industry will use trend data to design upcoming drops
  • Investors will time their stock positions using the data
  • Marketing teams can beat their competition with more insightful data into their customer base
  • Entrepreneurs or salesmen can use the data to get in touch with decision-makers

And much, much more. These are just a few common instances in which using Zyte could make sense for you.

What Are The Main Issues With Zyte?

When it comes to data extraction, there are few companies with better software and processes than Zyte - but we'd be lying if we said they were the best for everyone out there.

On the contrary, Zyte is a bit too general in some regards - they just get your raw data, but don't do the best job of organizing it based on specific use cases.

For example - if you're specifically looking for lead generation data extraction, Zyte might not be for you. You'll likely get more bang for your buck going with a specific lead generation scraping tool rather than one which claims to work in "any situation".

So, which Zyte data scraping alternative should you go with?

Is There An Alternative To Zyte In 2021?

Quickly realizing that Zyte might not be for you? The good news is it isn't the only web data extraction software out there. In fact, there are plenty of really great alternatives to it - particularly if you're looking for access to leads.

To make your journey a bit more simple we're going to share just one recommendation with you - one we wholeheartedly believe to be the best data scraper currently available to businesses and users alike.

Klean Leads - The #1 Email Scraper & Outreach Automation Tool

If you're looking for not just any data - but business contact information in particular - then look no further than Klean Leads.

There is no question that this is currently the best business data scraper and email address finder currently on the market. It really isn't even close. Here are a few reasons we recommend business owners and agencies use Klean Leads instead of Zyte.

What Makes Klean Leads Better Than Zyte?

Zyte falls short in that it's too general for what most people need to use it for. Klean Leads, on the other hand, was designed and engineered specifically for those who need to conduct cold outreach.

Need to find the email addresses of all the decision-makers in your industry? They can help with that. Or, maybe you don't even know where to begin - and you just want to pull information on all the local businesses in your city. Their software can handle that, too!

When it comes to finding business contact information, no tool on the market - not even Zyte - can compete with Klean Leads.

Access To More Decision-Maker Leads Than You Ever Imagined

The sheer number of businesses you'll have access to with this tool is astounding. With over 500 million local businesses and 15 million B2B emails, you'll never run out of leads again.

And, unlike other lead gen tools that only offer generic email addresses, you actually get the contact details of someone in charge - whether it be the CEO, owner, CMO, or some other decision-maker. You can use the email address search by name tool, or take a different approach and use the email domain search feature. You can even conduct bulk searched with the bulk email finder.

Along with the person's name and their email address, you'll get access to pertinent information about the business like their location, years in business, and more that you can leverage in your outreach and sales campaign.

Integrate With LinkedIn To Scrape Data From The Platform

Maybe your ideal clients don't have their own website yet - maybe they live on LinkedIn. If that's the case, Klean Leads can integrate into your account using a chrome extension.

From there, you'll be able to scrape LinkedIn to automate your lead gathering process - simply run a search that returns users or companies you want to reach out to, and go make yourself a cup of coffee or respond to some emails while the scrape runs.

When you come back to it, you'll be delighted to see the number of contact details you've extracted! Take a look at the LinkedIn email finder and see how it can transform your outreach.

A Built-In CRM & Email Autoresponder

Scraping and extracting these leads from all around the web is just part of the battle. After that, you have to actually conduct an outreach campaign to turn those leads into paying clients.

Instead of spending money on a separate tool like Mailshake, you can save money and time by using the built-in CRM and autoresponder in Klean Leads!

No need to export your lists and upload them either - with just the click of a button, the leads you scraped will be added to your campaign and will be hit with the email sequence that you've written and scheduled.

All you have to do is keep adding leads to the campaign while you watch your calendar fill up with booked meetings or calls.

Get Started With Klean Leads Today & Scale Your Business Fast!

When it comes to email scraping, no tool but Klean Leads will suffice - not even Zyte. Spend less time conducting outreach and more time on the phone with prospects or servicing your new influx of clients.

If you're still not convinced Klean Leads is the right option for you and your business, you'll be pleased to hear you can try it entirely risk-free today!

For 7 days you'll have access to the entire software - each piece of web scraping software will be available along with the email sequencing and CRM software. If you don't see the value after the 7 days, just cancel and move onto the next.

We're so confident that once you see the power behind this software and what it truly can unlock for you - you'll never want to leave.