Best RocketReach Alternative for Email Scraping & Outreach

Email scraping is the bedrock of any outreach strategy. But, the efficiency and success of such efforts can really rely on the tools you’re using. You need to use the best email scraper–one that offers you reliable and accurate results to help you get in touch with your dream clients. 

When you’re online searching for the best tools, you may come across RocketReach. But, is this really the best option out there, or is there a better email RocketReach alternative? Just as we’ve helped you discover alternatives and the best Scrapebox email alternative, we believe there is a superior RocketReach substitute. 

Continue reading below as we talk a little bit more about what you can use RocketReach for, and reveal whether there’s a better alternative to RocketReach out there for your email scraping needs. 

What is RocketReach?

Before we divulge what the RocketReach best alternative is, let’s first get on the same page about what this platform is and what you can use it for. 

RocketReach has a database full of business contact information like email addresses and phone numbers that its users can access for sales outreach purposes. They also have a browser add-on to extract contact details from social media and other websites. 

Why Are Individuals on the Hunt for an Alternative to RocketReach?

This all sounds pretty great, right? However, given what some of their customers have had to say about their services, you may want to seek out a better email RocketReach alternative. Here are some of the frequent complaints that users have had about RocketReach. 

Customers Struggle With Payment Processing & Shady Billing Practices

Many customers have pointed out that they weren’t even aware they were being charged or billed by the company. They claim to not have received any email notifications that they were being billed for the services, leading them to be unknowingly charged for months. 

The RocketReach best alternative will have transparent billing practices where customers always know what they are being charged, and when. 

Fake Data & Invalid Returns

RocketReach customers report being frustrated by incorrect data and invalid returns frequently throughout using the platform. Users explain that they were provided with old and outdated information like phone numbers and position titles, which still required them to use their credits on the platform to find out. 

Overpriced for the Service You Get

Many point out that the interface and dashboard are easy to use. But, they explain that given the quality of the data and how frequently it’s outdated, they didn’t feel like it was worth the monthly price they were paying for it. 

See What Others Had to Say After Using Rocket Reach:

Take a look at what some of their users have said to better understand why you’d want to seek out a RocketReach alternative:

“The chrome extension is great, but the lead quality is garbage. Most of the emails are bogus and untrustworthy and they still deduct "credits" from your account when they provide a wrong email that ends up bouncing. They also have very bad customer support. They literally refused to fully refund an annual subscription even though my account was inactive and had just gotten charged. Very shady business practice - do not recommend working with them.” - Charles

“Watch out for this company, they put you on automatic renewal, do not send out an email in advance of renewal and then state non-refund policy if you try to cancel. Very shady business practice.” - Brian

“This company is very good at AutoPay and very poor when you want to cancel. They have a record of me trying to cancel in 2020 but claim I never confirmed my request to cancel. Whaaaat? Then they canceled my account in Customer Service and their Auto Pay system kept trying to hit my credit card a week later. The number of emails to try and collect were many, but follow-up on a cancellation, zero? Sorry RR, I am not able to refund my trust in your company, it's my own made-up policy (just like your refund policy).” - Luke

Don’t Worry - the Best RocketReach Alternative for Email is Just a Few Clicks Away!

The RocketReach best alternative has unparalleled data quality and accuracy that you can count on. With countless tools to help you find your targeted leads no matter where they are online, there is only one option that could be the best RocketReach substitute–and you’re just a few clicks away from finding out where you can find the best email scraper!

What is Klean Leads - and What Makes it the #1 Email RocketReach Alternative?

Among all the other options out there, we see Klean Leads as the best RocketReach alternative. There are many reasons why Klean Leads is the best way to scrape email addresses, which we will describe in more detail below!

More Than 500 Million+ Verified Leads at Your Fingertips

For starters, we have a robust database of business contact information on over half a million professionals. Not just that, but this information has been verified for accuracy, meaning you’ll gain access to reliable information that you won’t have to question or verify on your own. 

In just seconds, you can perform an advanced search to find leads who fit your criteria and can help you build out your targeted email list. No more guessing if you can trust the contact information you’re being fed–with Klean Leads, you know you can. 

One Software, 4 Versatile Scraping Solutions

Another great reason why Klean Leads is the superior alternative is that we offer four different types of email extractors under just one subscription plan. You don’t have to upgrade your plan to access more tools or manage multiple subscriptions for your outreach efforts when you’re using Klean Leads. 

Our Linkedin email extractor is helpful when you want to find someone’s email on LinkedIn. Simply visit the person’s profile you want to contact, and Klean Leads will return their email address so you can avoid bogging up their direct message inbox on the platform and get right to the source. 

You can also use our database email finder by name when you know the exact individual you’re trying to reach, or find emails by domain and discover key decision-makers when you have a company in mind that you want to contact.  

Lastly, our bulk email finder helps you build up a sizable email list in just a few clicks when you’re running a cold email campaign. 

Gain Access to Data Beyond the Simple Name and Email 

Of course, a good email scraper will help you find the lead’s contact information so you can reach out to them and promote your offer. But, to be successful, you’ll likely need more information than just their email address or phone number. 

Klean Leads provides users with other helpful information like their job title and position at the company so you can personalize your messaging and make sure you’re speaking to the right deal-makers at the company. 

Collect Leads With Your Very Own Chatbot

We also help you build your email list organically by adding a chatbot to your site to help collect visitors’ emails when they visit your website. This helps you collect new interested leads without any added work on your end. 

Built-in CRM Solution With Email Autoresponder

We help our users with their outreach efforts beyond providing them with just contact information. After all, building up an email list is just one piece of the outreach puzzle. Once you have their contact information, you actually need to reach out to them!

That’s why we’ve included a built-in CRM solution to Klean Leads with an email autoresponder to put your outreach efforts on autopilot. Plus, this streamlines your tech stack and reduces the number of different software programs you need to manage. 

No more data exports, formatting issues, and costly subscription fees. Seamlessly take the contact information you were provided from our scraping tools and insert them into the CRM to supercharge your outreach efforts with ease. 

More Free Bonuses With Your Subscription

Even if you don’t know how to use an email scraper, we can help with that, too! Every user will receive a personalized Loom video upon sign-up from their account manager showing them exactly how to find the information they’re looking for. 

Plus, all users will receive a free list-building and cold email course to help them get started and make the most of our incredible platform. 

Try the Best Email Alternative to RocketReach Free Today!

If you’re looking for a RocketReach substitute to help you take your outreach efforts to the next level, Klean Leads is the answer. With reliable data you can trust, a number of helpful add-ons, versatile scraping tools, and more, there is no other platform out there like Klean Leads. 

As a top Lusha alternative and D7 Lead Finder alternative as well, we know what our users need to be successful with their outreach efforts and start closing on more deals. Visit our website today to get your 3-day free trial and see the difference for yourself.