The Best Zoominfo Alternative for Email Extraction in 2023

There’s a lot of noise you’ll need to parse through if you’re looking for the best email scraper. The internet is full of opinions, and one name you may see tossed around is ZoomInfo. But, is this really the best option out there?

You may already be aware of the alternatives and the best Lusha alternative that’s out there–but what about the best alternative to ZoomInfo?

Throughout this post, we will provide you with an overview of ZoomInfo and explain why there’s a better alternative out there. 

A Brief Overview of ZoomInfo

Before we reveal the best ZoomInfo alternative, let’s dive a little deeper into who they are and what service they provide. You’ll quickly see why you’d want to search for the best email ZoomInfo alternative. 

What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a service provider that originally began by providing its users with business contact information and company profiles but now has expanded its operations to include business intelligence services as well. 

Common Use Cases

People use ZoomInfo mostly for sales and marketing purposes, similar to other business information providers. Users can create targeted lead lists and perform research on those leads using the information that they find in ZoomInfo’s database. 

Why So Many Are Seeking Out the Best Alternative to ZoomInfo

From these details, it seems like they have a fine enough service. So, why would you want to  seek out the best alternative to ZoomInfo? Well, this is due to the range of negative reviews we’ve seen from actual users. 

Their feedback reveals that there’s a lot to be desired from their services, which we will now lay out in more detail. 

The System Provides Unreliable Data

One of the common issues that users report is the unreliable, inaccurate, and outdated data that they receive from the provider. If you receive a list of contact details that you can’t trust to be accurate, you may end up spending hours parsing through the data to verify it’s all correct before inserting it into your sales campaigns. 

Especially when it comes to sales outreach via email, you’re putting your domain on the line if you have a high bounce rate and are consistently sending emails to invalid addresses. 

Even if you don’t do harm to your domain, your efforts are all for naught if you are sending your emails into the void, never being seen by the actual people you want to get in contact with. Thus, you might want to look for an email ZoomInfo alternative to find more accurate and reliable contact information to use in your outreach campaigns. 

Users Get Locked Into Expensive Contracts 

Another frequent complaint among users is that their service can get quite expensive. In some cases, users have gotten locked into expensive contracts that cost them thousands of dollars each month.

For large corporations with deep pockets, this may not be an issue. But if you’re just starting out with a limited budget, this may not be something you can find wiggle room for.  

You may want to find a provider with more transparent plan details so you know exactly what you’re paying for, and for how much to avoid any surprises down the road. 

Poor Customer Support

Their customers also report that it's difficult to get in touch with customer support once they’ve signed up. When they are able to get in touch, it can require a long waiting period, and according to some user reviews, not very helpful. 

In addition, many users express a desire for better onboarding and training so they can better familiarize themselves with the site after paying for access. 

Real Reviews From ZoomInfo Customers

Take a look at some of these actual reviews from their customers to further illustrate why you might consider looking for the best alternative to ZoomInfo: 

“I bought this for my small recruiting agency. I was told there is a 95% accuracy rate in the data that they provide. They lied! Locked me into a $15K contract and I received nothing from them. I downloaded 555 contacts and had a 60% bounce rate. The email addresses were coming back invalid. They have no explanation for this. I have read nothing but bad reviews, I should have researched prior to signing up. These people are taking from companies and creating fake profiles of real people. Please save yourself the stress and do not buy this product.” - Latasha

“Our company signed up. Poor reporting capabilities, poor customer service. When you try to reach out for support it might take weeks if not months before they get back to you. You have to become the squeaky wheel to get any attention. The site makes it difficult to get your users to sign up for it. Had issues where users signed in and it creates a user without it being tied to our company which then requires tech support, and initially, all they do is send you a preformatted message and never get back to you until you complain so many times. Licenses are expensive. I don't understand how large companies, let alone small companies, can afford this product.” - Jimmy

“No responses from customer service despite literally months of trying. Extremely poor data and SO overpriced. Don't sign up, whatever you do.” - Adam

Introducing the Best ZoomInfo Alternative For Email That Provides Reliable Data at an Affordable Price Point

The best email ZoomInfo alternative out there is none other than Klean Leads. Continue reading below as we describe what makes our site so superior. 

What is Klean Leads?

Klean Leads is an online lead and email scraper that you can use to create targeted lead lists, boost your sales outreach efforts, and more with our slate of scraping tools and helpful add-ons. 

We have many different types of email extractors to help you find your leads, no matter where their information is online. Because of the versatility of our scraping tools, Klean Leads offers users the best way to scrape email addresses to supercharge their sales efforts. 

Unparalleled Data Accuracy

We take pride in the high level of data accuracy we provide users, and we’re transparent about how accurate each piece of returned data is. When you use our email finder, we’ll tell you if the information is Verified, Catch All, or Guessed. 

No email finder can be 100%, but we are almost always able to return accurate results. When we can’t fully find the information you’re looking for, our advanced algorithm figures out the pattern of the domain in question to return the most likely email address for the person you may be searching for.

Providing you with data you can trust, Klean Leads will quickly become a reliable addition to your outreach process. 

Access to 500 Million+ Leads at Your Fingertips

In addition to our convenient scraping tools, we also give Klean Leads users access to our database of over 500 million leads from 15 million B2B companies and their contact information–at no extra cost! 

With this type of volume, you can easily scale up your cold outreach efforts and accelerate your deal-closing rate in no time. 

One Affordable Subscription Unlocks a Suite of Tools

Klean Leads helps you streamline your subscriptions, offering you a great deal of value and a wide range of tools under just one subscription. We eliminate the need to manage multiple subscriptions just to perform your sales outreach. Instead, we combine all the necessary tools you need into one package. 

This includes our Linkedin email extractor, which allows you to conveniently extract important contact information from anyone’s LinkedIn page that you want to get in touch with. So if you’ve ever wondered how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn, Klean Leads is the answer. 

Or, if you already know the person that you want to reach out to, you can use our email finder by name tool to access their contact information in just a few clicks. But, if you just know the name of the company you want to contact, that’s perfectly fine, too. We have a tool to help you find emails by domain, connecting you to actual decision-makers that get you one step closer to closing your next deal. 

If you’re trying to build a sizable email list for cold outreach purposes, you can do so in just minutes with our bulk email finder! With Klean Leads, playing the numbers game has never been easier. 

Free Bonuses to Sweeten the Deal

It’s okay if you don’t know how to use an email scraper, we offer tons of bonuses to help you get started and make the most out of our incredible suite of scraping tools. 

After you sign up, you’ll receive a tailored tutorial video that will walk you through exactly how to find the information that you’re after. Plus, we include a free list-building and cold email course for every new user that signs up for Klean Leads. 

With unbeatable bonuses in addition to our highly effective scraper tools, you won’t find another provider like Klean Leads anywhere else online today. 

Get Started With the Best ZoomInfo Alternative Today! 

There’s no question that Klean Leads is the best ZoomInfo alternative that you’ll find. With high levels of data accuracy, great onboarding, and support from the team once you get started, and a wide range of helpful tools to help you find the information you’re after, there truly is no comparison. 

So not only are we the best alternative to ZoomInfo, but we’re also the best D7 Lead Finder alternative and Scrapebox email alternative as well. 

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